Pastor Wayne was appointed to Fridley United Methodist Church in July, 2013.  This is the 4th congregation in which he has served in a pastoral role. Pastor Wayne brings a bold presentation, clear biblical teaching, and devotion for the Triune God. He, his wife Holly, and 2 sons are excited to be part of Fridley UMC’s church family. Pastor Wayne’s 25+ years of pastoral ministry offers Fridley UMC a full spectrum of resources in equipping the congregation to be Disciples, who make Disciples, who Serve to make a Difference. His foundation is based on the Triune God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; Reaching Up, Reaching Deep, and Reaching Out, all in Jesus Name.



My name is Bob Brice, and I am one of pastors at MOVE Twin Cities. I am a husband, father, preacher, musician, and business owner. I began serving Fridley United Methodist Church in 2015, and we started the MOVE service in April of 2017. I have a Masters of Divinity from Luther Seminary and a bachelors degree from Hamline University, both located in St. Paul. As a committed Christ-follower, I don't really get hung up on denominational differences or dogma; I am far more interested in learning and doing life together with people who are unafraid, as I am, to admit that, "I don't have it all figured out." Let's get together and encourage one another. Let's pray and discern where God is leading us. Let's take meaningful action in the world to live the Gospel as the fruits of our faith in Jesus our Savior.